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Guided by the idea for creating fluid information carriers and combining the properties of heavy water and silicon, Professor Dmitry Sergeyevich Sechenov makes the discovery of Polymer - a plastic electric storage device, hitherto unknown to world science. The study of this unusual substance will radically affect the course of history.



Sechenov and Filimonenko, thanks to the electrochemical properties of the Polymer, create a compact cold fusion reactor, which opens up global prospects in robotics. And soon the Brain Research Institute makes its first turn of the wheel... a real three-wheeled robot. The creation of an ideal society with full-fledged robot assistants is getting closer for everyone!



Professor Sechenov's research is given the green light, and in a couple of years, a network of research and production complexes is being built in the country, each of which conducts developments in its own field, while simultaneously being part of a common national project called "Facility 3826". Research in the fields of robotics and Polymers is in full swing.



To increase the effectiveness of robot control, a group of scientists led by Sechenov successfully launches the Kollektiv 1.0 system, combining robot assistants into a controlled network. Robotics of the USSR achieved significant progress and amazing results, successfully replacing a human in the workplace. Machines build cities, lay new logistics routes in the sky and on the ground, help people in places of natural disasters and gradually become an integral part of the life of the Soviet citizen. And Europe welcomes humanitarian aid in the form of brand-new Soviet robots!



Professor Dmitry Sechenov discovers Polymer Assimilative Adaptation, the ability of the substance to take root in the human body. This makes it possible to connect and attach an interface device to the user, which in the future will allow users to join "Kollektiv 1.0" in order to remotely, read "mentally", control robots and, if necessary, almost instantly study a lot of various information.


1951 - 1954

After many years of research and work on the interface between man and machine, the device is finally created and named "Thought". Society is waiting with bated breath for the onset of a beautiful and bright "tomorrow".



Having successfully completed the tests, the USSR begins the All-Union Polymerization of the population. The long-awaited update of the Kollektiv 2.0 Neural Network is scheduled for Monday, June 13! Finally, the citizens of the USSR, and subsequently all the people of the world, will be able to get the Thought device for personal use and enter into a single system with robotic machines that will control the power of thought!

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